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    Michelle Kolcan wants you to love the skin your in with "Happy Health Naturally"

    in Environment

    youtube version https://youtu.be/l69fbvTHKgo
    www.happyhealhnaturally.org The natural products I sell, I have created even for myself. Especially with eczema in the past, I understand the frustration in trying to find organic products healthy for your skin, hair, etc. I also understand that if you do, they are quite high in price. I have found that you can find high quality and many powerful organic ingredients for a very reasonable price. I want people to be able to afford their self-care products that are so important. Did you know that so much of what you put on your skin enters your bloodstream and thereby affects other body systems making you toxic and sicker without even realizing it until years later when your body just cannot handle it anymore.

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    The Way of Healing "How to Walk Through Grief"

    in Psychology

    Hello we welcome you to Reaching Out Radio International, we have a heart for sharing the love of Jesus and the Gospel to the world. We hope our programs enrich your life drawing you closer to our Father. 
    "How to Walk Through Grief"
    DESCRIPTION: Grief can be a very difficult and even daunting topic to discuss, but what is all the more challenging is trying to walk through it and navigating the different aspects of it after a profound loss. During Tuesday night's broadcast of "The Way of Healing", I'll be sharing with you a Biblical perspective on grief as a result of death and other losses, as well as how to apply the comfort and hope of God's Word if you are in a season of grief at this point in your life.
    This broadcast is rich with Scripture verses and Biblical passages that speak directly to grief, and also to the grace and constant presence of our Lord Jesus Christ as we navigate through the deepest points of pain.
    We thank you for listening and for your continued prayers and support as we share the Gospel around the world. God Bless You!

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    Conversation with Kimberly Bullock CEO USB Solar Solutions

    in Energy

    Solar Now And The Future With Its Economic Imact On Black America
    Call-In# 646-668-2948 ----  EPISODE 309
    Date: 6/30/2023 .... Episode 322.  Hosted By: Ronald Bethea
    Host: Introduction: 11:00 -11:03 am est.: Introduction 
    Host: 11:04 am -11:33- am est.: Topic of Discussion: Conversation with Kimberly Bullock CEO of USB Solar Solutions
    Host: 11:34 am -11:37 am est.: Commerical
    Host: 11:38-11:50 am est.: Topic of Discussion:  FACT SHEET: Biden-?Harris Administration Releases Updated Fact Sheets Highlighting Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Investments in all 50 States, D.C. and Territories
    Host: 11:51-11:54 am est.:Closing Remarks

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    SpotLight on Mental Health with Amanda Doane and Rob Thrasher

    in Psychology

    Surviving Every Day: Healing With Art & SpotLight on Mental Health Radio With Amanda Doane and Rob Thrasher
    Join Our Expanding Network of 200K+ Survivors!
    My Brainwaves 50/50 Raffle - Give Only $1.00
    SpotLight on Mental Health Radio with Amanda and Rob               100% of Proceeds go to non-profit status!*
          Surviving Every Day (FB) - Healing & Surviving Original FB Page!
    Upstate NY (2023)  - Having all suffered from the effects of mental health disorders on them and their family, Rob Thrasher, Amanda Doane and many others set forth an agenda to do everything in their power to fight and provide resources .... [ Read More ]

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    the bad effect of narcissism

    in Social Sciences

    how the people with disorder have a sene of demontic behaveour.

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    Heal Yourself: The Key to Natural Healing with Sarah Dawkins

    in Psychology

    Just how powerful are our brains when it comes to self-healing? Not in a metaphysical way, but in a very real, everyday application. How much do our brains hear what our minds have to say? We explore some powerful stuff about the psychoneuroimmunology on today's show.
    Connect with Sarah:
    Sarah@SDEssentialHealth.com SDEssentialHealth.com Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Book Podcast Listen in here or go to Julie's YouTube channel (link below) to watch the video podcast.
    Connect with Brain Lady Julie
    Do you have a great question or topic you'd like Brain Lady Julie to cover? Think you'd be a great guest? Message our producer Kelli@BrainLadySpeaker.com and let us know.
    PLEASE NOTE: The information contained in this podcast is not at any time and for any reason meant to replace the guidance and/or treatment of any health professional. Whether it be a medical doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist, or anyone in the medical field. If you are under the care of such a health professional, remember this is an “added value” and not designed to replace any care you are currently under.

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    In Coversation with Victor C

    in Psychology

    On Sunday, July 16th @ 7:30 PM EST,   "In Conversation with Victor C along with his special guests, Dr. Makeba Moring, Ms Gloria Terry and Mr. Dierre Dikaha, will be delving into for a very eye-opening, critical and insightful look at the issue of Minority Mental Health. In order to join the conversation, you will have to dial 563-999-3705... hit the number 1 to enter the queue on your phone.

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