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    Dan Duval~The Elementals,Earth, Wind, Fire&Water Millennial Mustard Seed Podcast

    in Religion

    Once again, It’s Dan Duval’s turn to be interviewed!
    The Millennial Mustard Seed podcast has invited Dan to join them again for a second time as one of their guests in this special episode.
    In this episode, they cover earth, wind, air, fire, and water, and so much more, like portal dimensions, the great cloud of witnesses, the length, the depth, the breadth, and the height, and dive into the Word of God.
    And a lot to look forward to!
    In this episode, we discuss the following:
    The summer solstice and the occult  The children’s bread for freedom What Is the Cloud of witnesses? Every believer is a dimensional bridge The fallen angels and technology The hidden knowledge of the elemental kingdom The role of Elementals in the Bible An evil government that influences the Elemental kingdom The 13 root bloodlines of the Illuminati The elves The four spatial dimensions of the love of God And so much more.. Millennial Mustard Seed:
    Podcasts New website! Link here https://www.mms.agavaa.com/index.php
    1. Sign up to be a podcast member www.danduval.com  2.Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DiscoveringTruthNetwork 3. Subscribe to the new podcast YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5nxloF2rt7-dXkjppGHdFA  4.AND Subscribe to our Rumble Channel DiscoveringTruthNetwork (rumble.com

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    Best's Intelligence Hour 6-30-2023 - WOW! - Maybe Something, Who Knows

    in Paranormal

    June is almost gone, lots of war & rumors of war talk, but things of late have taken an ominous turn if one connects the dots - clearing the way for WW3 to begin in earnest - that is, flying nukes that kill lots of poor folks who only wanted to live their lives - but no - very evil people want to destroy everything good, everything right, and reshape humanity into some sort of a borg - and only Jesus Christ can fix this now as the masses of the people have given all their power over to the elite and now the noose gets really tight as the new digital wallet and currency roll in. Then we have the Sun and it is a growing concern in the scientific community and more sightings of the paranormal type...it seems the vails are thinning and more in this Night Shadows Show... 
    Thanks for listening and if you feel led to:
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    Stewart Best P.O. Box 55 Downsville, WI  54735 Larry Taylor P.O. Box 317 Talihina, OK. 74571-0317
    Rumble: https://rumble.com/user/Runty1940
    The best way to stay in touch with us is to be on the email list: http://eepurl.com/bs1HBv
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    FREE!!  DARKLIGHT :https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AOcDqr9AHip5TC-ueTShecKt9YcqYief/view
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    7-23-2023 "Zorra Call" with Guests Dr Tom-Updates and Sandy Whitely-Abductee

    in Spirituality

    Welcome once again to another wonderful call with both Zorra and Zaraya. Today, our special guests are Dr. Tom and the other will be a surprise. Our theme for our call will be about Mother Earth or Terra Christa or Gaia. Question: Do we fully realize what her true intention purpose is for all of us? How is she helping us 24/7 ? We will discuss the depth of this understanding and it is not just about how she shelters, feeds and heals us. That is a given. As we grow in greater understandings and move into higher frequencies, our consciousness expands and rises to higher levels of awareness of our Oneness and Unity of who we are as the Conscious Collective. Simultaneously we affect everything and everyone around us with the highest and grandest frequencies possible. WE Make It Happen. Love, peace, joy, abundance and harmony always and see everyone soon! Zorra, Zaraya and JaneEmail: bzjrainpartners@gmail.com Sign up for our newsletters at our Website: https://zorraofhollowearth.com  Text us with your name, time zone and topic. Private Sessions with Zorra or Zaraya:Text Jane-719-428-9746 or Billie 775-2333925. Love Gifts: If you would like to assist us, send your love gifts through check/money order or PayPal:Name Billie Woodard, Email: telosgirl@yahoo.comor Zelle: jtguiabstevens@yahoo.com. We thank you for your support!

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    Everyday Evidence: Substance Use and Occupational Therapy

    in Health

    On today's episode we discuss the March 2023 special issue of the journal Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment on substance use and occupational therapy. Emily Rothman, Amy Mattila, and Deirdre Ryan share information related to occupational therapy's role in working with people effected by substance use disorder and provide evidenced based recommendations for clinical practice, education, and research.
    Please help AOTA improve it's podcasts and the translation of research to practice and receive your contact hour for listening by completing this one-minute survey: https://forms.aota.org/forms/everyday_evidence_copy?PODCAST=Everyday Evidence: Substance Use and Occupational Therapy
    Additional Resources:
    Article links:
    Webinar Link: 
    https://bostonu.zoom.us/rec/share/2Tl-6bRXK7RWIveDK5yjDN_pbpCsSjzKl4Bl-xi5jZBkKm00QIX--UEiCc_FKuKR.nI1luoP5kqWuc9cD?startTime=1683214349000 Passcode: qXK!Jc!3

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    India.Arie Criticizes Megan Thee Stallion, Janelle Monáe for Sexual Essence Fest

    in Entertainment

    'India.Arie Criticizes Megan Thee Stallion and Janelle Monáe for Sexual Essence Festival Performances' - TheAHNShow with Michael Imhotep 7-5-23
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    REGISTER HERE: https://theahn.learnworlds.com/course/ancient-kemet-moors-maafa-transatlantic-slave-trade-summer-2023 or 

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    2023-07--15 Christopher Knowles -- "Was the Titan a Deliberate Ritual Sacrifice...

    in Current Events

    Show Page: Alternative Listening:
    According to the latest reporting:
    "The ill-fated Titan sub only reached the depth of the Titanic -- ~13,000 feet beneath the stormy surface of the North Atlantic -- on 13 out of 90 attempted dives, admits the official company waiver all OceanGate passengers had to sign ...."
    That's less than a 14% "success rate!"
    This is only the latest, startling detail coming out of the continuing saga of "the submersible that's looking more and more like 'a failed high-school science project' ...  than any serious attempt to develop sustainable 21st Century deep ocean tourism technology ...."
    So then, consider this:
    How were five highly professional human beings, with OceanGate's woefully inadequate history laid out in the very waiver they were all forced to sign, convinced to spend "a quarter of a million dollars apiece," in probably the most expensive form of almost certain suicide ever devised?!
    How, indeed ....
    Is the entire "Titan/Titanic Exploration Tragedy" -- in the 111th "tetrahedral year" since the sinking of the Titanic herself -- simply a cover for a far deeper, far more insidious pre-Disclosure Reality:
    That, the five lost Titan explorers were, in fact, tragic victims of a carefully planned "deep ocean Ritual" -- a deliberate human sacrifice to none other than--
    "The Titans!?"
    Those ancient "gods" who, in reality, were really "advanced ETs ..." who, eons ago ... for whatever reasons ... created humankind!
    Join us ....
    Richard C. Hoagland Copyright 2023

  • 00:48

    Survival Medicine Podcast: Dental Trauma, Malaria, Herbal Remedies

    in Health

    It’s true that a survival group needs someone with medical knowledge and supplies to treat heavy bleeding and orthopedic injuries. Indeed, the average survival medical kit concentrates on these issues to the exclusion of much else. Even well-prepared medics don’t realize that they’ll be faced with a quite different challenge much more often: dental problems. In this podcast, Dr. Joe Alton tells you how to deal with dental trauma off the grid.
    Also, Amy Alton, NP, discusses herbal remedies like tonic wines and syrups, hot-infused oils, and how to make capsules and powders, and Dr. Joe takes note of malaria cases transmitted right here in the U.S.A., and what you need to know.
    Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,
    Joe and Amy Alton
    Hey, don’t forget to check out our entire line of quality medical kits at store.doomandbloom.net. Also, our Book Excellence Award-winning 700-page SURVIVAL MEDICINE HANDBOOK: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR WHEN HELP IS NOT ON THE WAY is now available in black and white on Amazon and in color and color spiral-bound versions at store.doomandbloom.net.

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    Great Loop Radio-The Story of our Loop-Karen & Dave, Maine Cat P47

    in Travel

    Listen to hear the stories of Karen & Dave's Great Loop adventure aboard their Maine Cat P47. Karen & Dave talk about why they wanted to cruise the Great Loop, how they found their boat, how they prepared for the trip, and their highlights and challenges. Listen now!
    America's Great Loop is a 6,000-mile boating route that includes the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Chesapeake Bay, the coast of New Jersey, New York Harbor, the New York Canals, the Great Lakes, the Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee Rivers, the Tombigbee Waterway, and the Gulf of Mexico. Loopers follow the route aboard their own boats, circumnavigating the eastern U.S. and part of Canada.
    America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association is your one stop shop for information and inspiration about the Great Loop. Learn more at www.greatloop.org
    #greatloopers #greatloopers #aglca #bucketlist #boatlife #looplife #adventureofalifetime

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    ??? From Distractions to Inspiration: Unlocking Creativity with ?? ?Ms. Blue

    in Spirituality

    Star Beings ? Self Mastery  | Astrology Psychic Activation Soul Healing | Self Love | Channeled Messages | Live Reading
    ?Magical ?? AF?
    Omg! The Energy was so High. To  for Much For The Air Wayy's  "We Growing Up On Planet Earth"
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    B I O 
    Ms. Blue "T H E O R A C L E" is a professional * Intuitive* internationally known {M E T A physician} psychic - medium Healer, radio host, author and teacher.
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    Navigating Workforce Challenges and Building Employee Connections

    in Business

    Navigating Workforce Challenges and Building Employee Connections
    Hosts: Trish Steed, Mervyn Dinnen
    Guest: Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research and Advisory
    This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Trish and Mervyn were joined by Ben Eubanks to chat about the changing workforce landscape and how organizations can best navigate it.
    - How to hire and retain a shrinking workforce
    - Commitment and creating core memories
    - The importance of the connection between leaders and employees
    Access the Lighthouse Research Library
    Learn more about Talent Scarcity
    This was a really interesting show, thanks to Ben for joining us! Remember to subscribe to the HR Happy Hour wherever you get your podcasts.

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    July 10: Thoughts on Purdue targets following first July period

    in Sports

    The first July evaluation is in the books. Let’s get thoughts on several Purdue commitments and targets in 2024 and ’25 on Gold and Black Radio.