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    Lucid Libertarian w/ Lori-ann - Special Guest Dave Champion Returns for Round 3

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    Welcome to the Lucid Libertarian w/ Lori-ann Show!
    I am so excited to welcome back Special Guest Dave Champion (aka Dr Reality) - 3rd time's the charm!  The in-depth discussions with him the past two times as my awesome guest on 3/20/22 and then again on 4/16/2023 have been so informative and fun that I am really looking forward to this Round 3!
    He is a former Army Ranger with a law enforcement background and author. In the private sector, he is a businessman turned journalist, having hosted his own radio & tv shows from 2000-2018.  Follow him on Rumble!
    Dave is a physiologist with a doctoral degree in Political Philosophy, has an extensive background in legal studies, served as legal consultant on state & federal regulatory matters and as a constitutional law advisor. He's lectured on many subjects including the U.S Constitution, the history and proper limited application of the income tax, government relations, and human physiology. He is a former martial arts instructor and a renown firearms, tactics, and use-of-force instructor.
    Visit my Lucid Libertarian w/Lori-ann page on Facebook and of course, Like & Follow it!  Also find me on Twitter!

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    The Michael Cutler Hour

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    Hi Gang:  Happy Friday and Happy Fourth of July!!
    This evening I will be discussing how, even as our great nation celebrates its birthday the Radical Left seeks the demise of our nation and all that it stands for.
    The “Open Borders” (No Borders?) policies embraced by the Radical Left and Globalists of all political persuasions is undermining public safety, public health, national security, the jobs and wages of hard-working Americans and Balkanizing our nation.
    Serious as the immigration crisis is, it represents onlyt one element of the continuing effort to disrupt our nation, turn criminal justice on its ear and drive a wedge between Americans and even between children and their parents.
    We the People must get our voices heard by our supposed political representatives so that come to understand that we are not the fools they have been playing us for!
    We must also seize every opportunity to have peaceful and fact-based conversations with our friends, family and neighbors with the emphasis on those things that unites us and not divides us.
    Please read my articles. If you like them, post the links on FaceBook along with a link to my radio show.  Be a part of my “Bucket Brigade of Truth” and tell your friends and neighbors about my program- and my website, remember Democracy is not a “Spectator Sport!”

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    Free ‘Em All Radio hosted by Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and cohost Lady of Rage!

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    Listen in tonight Wednesday July 12, 2023 @ 6:30pm CST for another dynamic episode of Free Em All Radio w/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. & The Lady Of Rage!
    Tune in to get tuned in to that Fie Political Education and more only on Free Em All Radio! The People's Radio!
    Click link to listen online
    Questions, comments or to share what's good or not so good in yo hood, call-in 929-477-3785, and press 1 to speak. or...
    Intellectual Radio 708-233-5783
    Streaming Live on Youtube at chairmanfredjr
    Streaming Live on Youtube Intellectual Radio
    Instagram: @officialchairmanfredhamptonjr
    Facebook: Fred Hampton
    Streamyard: Chairman Fred Hampton Jr

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    SCOTUS Student Loan Forgiveness Ruling

    in Politics Progressive

    On a special night, Friday June 30th, 2023, we will review the Supreme Court ruling on Joe Biden's plan on studen loan forgiveness. I am anticipating that they will reject it, but who knows. Some of their rulings have come as bit of a shock. Watch live over on Liberal Dan Radio YouTube at 8PM Central. 

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    Continue Mission

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    Tonight we will have special guest Greg Meakin who is a key player in the Alberta 51st statehood movement and also we will have another guest and Benjamin Eble both are well versed in the movement of statehood for the canadian province of Alberta. We shall also discuss the movements in America to seperate current states like Washington, California and New York that is looking to create two or even three seperate states. 
    Greg Meakin
    Americanuck Radio With Guest: Benjamin Eble (redvoicemedia.com)

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    Transition To What? Mayor Brandon's Plan for CTA Workers

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    Earlier this month, Mayor Brandon Johnson released his long-awaited Transition Team report. We focus on the portion about Transportation. You can read or download that portion at our Scribd archive. The entire report is available at the City of Chicago website. We also plan to discuss the upcoming Hour of Power Protest and the expiring Collective Bargaining Agreement that our ATU elected leadership is not talking about.
    Our website: http://www.chicagotransitworker.com/index.html
    Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JusticeTransit
    Our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTV7jtQoqQRlIqCHzHKZ77A/videos
    $800,000,000,000 for war: https://www.defense.gov/Spotlights/FY2023-Defense-Budget/ $180,000,000,000 for prisons and jails: https://www.prisonpolicy.org/reports/money.html $2,000,000,000 for CPD: https://www.chicago.gov/content/dam/city/depts/COFA/ProposedBudget/FactSheets/2023-FactSheets/COFA_FY23-BudgetRec_DEP057-CPD_FactSheet.pdf

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    Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast

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    Listen to the Sat. July 1, 2023 edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. The program features our PANW report with dispatches on the continuing rebellion in France where police shot dead a 17-year-old North African youth; the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said his government is willing to assist in resolving the internal conflict in the Republic of Sudan; Botswana has recently signed a new agreement for the trade in diamond with the DeBeers corporation; and activists in Uganda are taking legal action over the TotalEnergies pipeline deal. In the second hour we look in detail at the situation in France where over 1300 people have been arrested in the rebellion. We will also look at the esacalating tensions in Palestine. Finally, we review two recent addresses by Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

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    NVBDC $3.3 Billion Spent with Certified Veteran Businesses

    in Military

    Keith King, CEO of National Veterans Business Development Council, (NVBDC) talks about a 2022 economic survey of spend by companies in the Billion Dollar Roundtable with certified veteran owned business.  He discusses with host Jim Fausone the eye-popping spend of $3.3 BILLION.

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    Episode 660: Mid-Summer Free For All!

    in Military

    It's too darn hot to do anything outside, so stay inside and put your mind to work!
    From the shoreline to the line of departure; from DC to the Dnipro - join EagleOne and Sal for the full hour as they cover that latest and greatest on the national security front, at least as we define it!
    If you have your own topic, make sure and tune in LIVE from 5-6pm Eastern. Open chat room, open phones.
    Come join us!

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    Action Radio: So America, How Does it Feel to be a Colony of the Ukraine?

    in Politics Conservative

    Showdate:  7/17/23
    Bill site -- WriteYourLaws.com    Show site -- BlogTalkRadio.com/citizenaction   
    My articles -- GregPenglis.Substack.com    Paid subscriptions available!
    Contributions -- GiveSendGo.com/ActionRadio   www.Paypal.com/Paypalme/ActionRadio
    "We the People Give Our Consent to be Governed, through Writing the Laws by Which We are Governed!"
    Action Radio Show Notes:  Greg Penglis - Creator and Host.
    0:00 - Why the Ukraine War can not be won, and why it only started because of our illegal governemnt.
    1:00:00 - The Legal Report, with Jonathon Moseley.  More January 6 updates.  Story continues next week.
    2:00:00 - Sex and Sensuality, with Dorothy Diana.  Polarity vs Attraction - the shadow feminine and masculine.
    Our Discount Code is - WYL - and applies to all products on the slideshow and below!
    MyPillow!  Discounts up to 66%!  https://www.mypillow.com/wyl
    Graith Care Affiliates! 10% Discount! https://graithcare.vitafyhealth.com/code/WYL
    Strike Force Energy Drinks!  20% Discount Code - WYL. www.strikeforceenergy.com. 
    Live show 7-10 am Central time weekdays, then podcast.
    Use the "Keyword Search" window at the top to find previous shows!
    International Skype online call in - Skype name - live:.cid.fddbac53a2909de1  
    Email:  Greg@WriteYourLaws.com

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