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    Connecting With Our Earth Through A New Fresh Perspective with Kaliyani Sundari

    in Moms and Family

    This summer, let's treat ourselves to a fresh new perspective on Our Earth, Humanity, and the Beautiful People We Are! Join Kaliyani Sundari and me on Wednesday, July 5th, from 10 AM - 11 AM CDT U.S. to experience a Refreshing, Inspiring, and Empowering view of the Oneness of Our Amazing Earth!
    Brazilian-born Kaliyani Sundari (Jane Villar-Gehr) is a spiritually inspired visionary, modern mystic, producer, artist, focalizer of Sacred Circles, and founder of Stargate Alliance Films & Media. Her divine mission is to inspire humanity by offering alternative visions, information, and empowering tools for self and global soul transformation!
    Upon discovering her divine singing voice, Kaliyani uses her musical gifts to connect people to the content and soul of what represents humanity at its Best! Her musical style elegantly blends exotic world music with complex transcendent qualities. Emotive and alluring, her vocals summon Operatic and Gregorian styles, while her music uniquely delves into dramatic, contemporary orchestration profoundly rich in structure.
    Kaliyani’s debut single and music video in 2014, "Nammu's Invocation," brings forth the energetic landscape of wordless intonations to Heightened Vibration. It seamlessly weaves visions of sensuality into a primordial context. Her powerful second release, Tears for Inanna in 2018, is a beautiful manifestation of the role of the sacred feminine throughout history.
    Kaliyani’s latest and timely soulful release, the ONE EARTH music video, celebrates the Earth, inspiring hope and embracing the beauty of human connection. With nature as a backdrop, the ONE EARTH video features her voice expressing the message of humanity’s oneness with the Earth, opening with a captivating view of Earth from space, reminding us that we are all part of the same planet race.

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    Carol Mishkin an Ontological Coaches on parents dealing with adult children

    in Parents

    Hi, I’m Carol Your thoughts create your world. As Norman Vincent Peale said, “change your thoughts, change your world.” Ever since I was young living in Venezuela, every aspect of the human experience and way the human mind works has fascinated me. At 20, my fascination met with science and trust in how the mind and body are connected after taking the Silva Mind Method Course. Learning how the mind works and then how not only our thoughts but every word we speak (inside and out) literally shapes our life. Through my Masters in Education and experience teaching special needs and high school students, my trust is complete in our ability to change our skills, abilities and life. Not to glaze over the next few decades but you must know that my experiences, both the gloriousness and the ugliness has shaped my ability to walk beside you to help you shift your life into the one you crave. Following my honeymoon, now well over 40 years ago, I returned with near fatal viral meningitis and encephalitis. The doctor called it a “miraculous turnaround and recovery”. The following year I was blessed with my son and the increasing sadness watching my husband deep in substance abuse. I left. My careers were amazing – from teaching to textiles to having my own floral shop turned art gallery. Life is a miracle. Six years after my divorce, I met, married and had a beautiful daughter with my husband of over 30 years. But those years shaped who you see now. Losing my father and then watching my son move away from college sparked a depression that I would not have been able to imagine. All of my own self-work, and I am depressed? With work, I found a path out. And I knew then that I must help others with this path.

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    The Chronicles of Seth Turner: Over 300 personal friends honored

    in Friends

    Sunday on Blogtalkradio, the series called "The Chronicles of Seth Turner," where Seth shares key people, places, and things that have personally blessed him immensely over the years. Seth continues to honor over the next few weeks 300 key friendships throughout his life—individuals who influence him the most spiritually.
    Tune in at 8 p.m. CST, July 02, 2023. Seth is the founder of the Five Smooth Stones NTWK on BlogTalkRadio. Seth has been educating everyone in his path about the fact that African Americans are one of the once-lost tribes of Israel. Seth has shared this revelation oftentimes in his travels to the 24 countries he has visited. Seth began with a Bible study he conducted when he would often fly to ORU in Tulsa around 1990. After moving to Cincinnati, OH, in 1991, you could hear him nearly daily over the then-WCVG gospel radio station sharing tidbits in his many exchanges with Tracie Hunter (Judge Tracie Hunter). After moving back to Texas in 2008, Seth started the blog "The Five Smooth Stones NTWK." Seth's blog has over 151,000 views and hundreds of followers, and he has seen countless people change how they look at African Americans. Many have moved on to share this glorious news of the real Isrealites (Jews), especially with those not in Christ suffering from an identity crisis. While Seth believes the new life inherited in Christ trumps any fleshly identity, all people must know who the real Jews or Israelites are for many reasons, especially the African Americans themselves. Otherwise, many may see their plight as inferior behavior rather than prophecy fulfilled.    AWAKE ZION
    To  listen live, call the Blogtalkradio radio line at (914) 205-5590. To listen online live or after the show has been recorded, go to the link below: http://tobtr.com/12243233

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    The Matters of the Heart Broadcast with Apostle/Dr. Susia Smallwood- Woman of th...

    in Family

    I am saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit. I accepted JESUS as my personal SAVIOUR in 1973. I have had many distractions since that time.
    God had a call on my life then and now to serve Him, and I always honored God. I started to serve as Apostle/Pastor of my church in 2012 in Brentwood Maryland.
    I was on the radio with After Gods Own Heart Ministries. Matters of the Heart on Eternal Life TV. For Personal reasons my husband and I of 55 years re-located to NC.
    I Oversee ministries here, Iowa, and in Uganda with many Spiritual Sons and Daughters. I have 3 adult children, and 7 Grands.
    I currently hi do mental health life coaching, Motivational Speaking, Empowerment, wellness, domestic violence, suicide prevention, and all type of consulting in the health field.
    I also serve as minister, Chaplain and mentor/ resource, as well as a listening ear.
     May the WORD of GOD reach the masses throughout the world and lead them to Jesus is my prayer. Servant/ Leader I am to God people.  
    Thank you. Apostle, Dr SUSIA Smallwood PhD

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    101 Things Every Man Should Know -- The Parker J Cole Show

    in Dads and Family

    "Why do I need a book to tell me how to be a man?" I can't tell you how many times I've heard that phrase. The truth is, you don't. You own a version of manhood that either serves you well or has left you (or those you love) broken and defeated. Like an athlete, you've already developed your own way of doing things. But even pro athletes recognize the need for continual growth and development. Imagine an NBA player saying "I don't need anyone to tell me how to be a basketball player?" How well would that go over? Achieving success and personal growth is no different. What if you could have success not just in your profession, but also in your personal life?
    In 101 Things Every Man Should Know, you'll find tips and resources to help you:
    Define a vision for your life and map out your goals Develop daily habits that set you on the path to success Achieve physical strength and stamina Bounce back from setbacks and find help for dealing with depression and addiction Be a better husband and dad whether you had a good example growing up or not Practice good financial habits Take better care of your spiritual health Listen as I chat with Dak Frederick about his book on Saturday, July 8th at 2 pm Eastern time by dialing 646-668-8485. Follow PJC Media on YouTube and podcast platforms everywhere. Or, click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/12243945.

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    "Serious Warning Signs That You May Need Therapy, Life Coach/Other Profess Help"

    in Family

    Please join us live for a show that we promise to talk about issues relative to relationship matters.  Please tune in at drjessewalker.com or listen live at (347) 857-1769.  Thank you.

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    Mother and Daughter Tips, for Their Relationships!

    in Moms and Family

    Please, join us each Saturday morning from 10 to 11 AM, for an exciting Word from God! Our topic today is: Mother and Daughter Tips, for Their Relationship.
    Call in and join the conversation at: 347-539-5078. We look forward to hearing from you!
    Visit us at: Matriarchnow.com,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   App Store:  Mother and Daughter TV Network                 

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    Going Forward Without Brina

    in Friends

    A start to a wonderful relationship that should've been grounded on Friendship.  A missed opportunity, future and perhaps the greatest love in my adult life.  A stretch of the imagination on my part, but when it feels good, it feels damn good.

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    Faith In Action Boyz2Men with Pastor E

    in Dads and Family

    Faith In Action Boyz2Men with Pastor E Faith in Action Boyz2Men is a bi-weekly conversation facilitated by The N.O.W. Network with all local community leaders in all age groups that will be focused on mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and entrepreneurial planning.  Additionally, a targeted mental health workshop will be added to each of the program’s agendas to provide a safe harbor to share struggles and  systemic approaches. Coping mechanisms,  channeling the negative energies into positive actions providing an outlet.

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